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Wondering What Is Kraft Packaging? Read This Blog!

 2024-03-12 08:27:04

What is Kraft packaging


Business owners nowadays are making a shift towards sustainable packaging solutions.  The purpose is to get a prominent edge over competitors while minimizing their carbon footprint. Eco-friendly packaging is especially useful to attract customers who are eco-conscious and look for products packaged sustainably. 

One such packaging that can help you in this regard is the kraft packaging. Its versatile, customizable, and recyclable nature allows you to leave a lasting impression on your customers. 

In this blog, you will get detailed information on what is kraft packaging and the benefits of using them for your products.

Let’s Get Started!

What Is Kraft Packaging?

These are brown-colored boxes that are manufactured through a unique process that makes them more durable than standard cardboard boxes. They feature natural materials in their manufacturing such as wood fibers and recyclable paperboard. 

These boxes, when bleached, change their color to white. However,  the preferred ones are the brown kraft boxes due to their rustic charm and organic look. 

Many industries can benefit from this versatile, sustainable, and robust packaging solution. Such as:

  • Food and beverage industry
  • Cosmetics and personal care
  • Pharmaceutical sector
  • Furniture and homeware
  • Building and Construction 
  • Automotive industry
  • Electronics

5 Types of Kraft Packaging Material

Several types of kraft paper material are dominant in the marketplace. The variation that exists between each material is based on different fibers present in them and finishes utilized in their production. 

Below explained are 5 Types of Kraft packaging material

  • Coated Unbleached Kraft Paper
  • Coated Kraft Paper
  • Virgin Kraft Paper
  • Recycled Kraft Paper
  • Mixed Kraft Paper

Coated Unbleached Kraft Paper

coated unbleached kraft paper

This basic form of Kraft paper is brown and highly resistant to tearing. It provides reliable durability for a wide range of packaging needs.

Coated Kraft Paper

Coated kraft paper

It is similar to unbleached Kraft paper with a white bleach additive that results in a brighter white color. The bleach allows for greater versatility in design options, making it ideal for creative packaging solutions.

Virgin Kraft Paper

Virgin Kraft Paper

It is crafted from raw pulp extracted from natural wood. Virgin kraft paper is considered the most robust form of Kraft paper available. It offers exceptional strength and durability that makes it suitable for heavy-duty packaging requirements.

Recycled Kraft Paper

Recycled kraft paper

It is manufactured from pulp derived from recycled materials such as cardboard boxes and books. Recycled Kraft paper is an eco-friendly alternative to virgin paper. It is commonly used for product boxes, paper bags, and other packaging applications, contributing to sustainable packaging practices.

Mixed Kraft Paper

Mixed kraft paper

It is composed of a blend of virgin and recycled Kraft paper material. Mixed Kraft paper offers comparable strength to virgin paper while reducing environmental impact. This type of Kraft paper is often used for cardboard envelopes and postage boxes. We can say it is mostly used for packaging solutions where durability and eco-friendliness are key considerations.

4 Benefits of Using Kraft Packaging Boxes

So far, we have learned what is kraft packaging and the diverse types of kraft paper material. Now, let’s cover the most important part of this blog. What are the benefits these boxes can offer for your valuable products?

Let’s get to know about their significance in detail:

  • Incredible Strength & Robustness
  • Less Environmental Impact
  • Boundless Customization Features
  • Budget-Friendly Packaging 

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Incredible Strength and Robustness

The kraft pulping process that is used for the production of kraft packaging gives the boxes exceptional strength and resilience. They can be transported to farther places without any damage to the products. Their robust structure withstands any bumps and pressure during shipping. 

This is especially useful for products that are fragile and require extra protection. It creates a positive and professional image of your brand in front of your target customers.

Less Environmental Impact

If you want to go green with your packaging solutions, there is no better option than kraft packaging. Several factors contribute to the eco-friendly aspect of kraft boxes. Such as:

  • The boxes feature purely compost material in their structure.
  • They are free from harmful chemicals and odors. This ensures the safety and well-being of consumers and the environment alike.
  • The manufacturing process of kraft paper packaging minimizes pollution. As a result, the carbon footprint is reduced which contributes to cleaner air and waterways.

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Boundless Customization Features

Kraft boxes allow you to create an unforgettable experience for your customers. You can customize the packaging with attractive finishes and add-ons. Some of the finishes you can utilize for kraft boxes are matte finish, gloss finish, metallic finish, embossing, and debossing. 

You can personalize the boxes by incorporating your branding artwork. This includes your company’s logo, its name, slogan, or tagline. You can also imprint any special messages you want your customers to read to connect with your brand effectively.

The boxes also offer the flexibility to let you customize them in any size, shape, style, and pattern. There are many creative ways to personalize the packaging to suit your product’s and brand’s aesthetics perfectly. 

Budget-Friendly Packaging 

Natural kraft paper is inherently more affordable than plastic packaging alternatives. Despite its durability and strength, kraft paper maintains a competitive price point. For substantial cost savings, you can purchase kraft boxes at wholesale rates. Buying in bulk allows you to take advantage of discounted prices, significantly reducing packaging expenses over time. 

Final Words!

Kraft packaging boxes are beneficial for businesses of all sizes. They offer great value if you are struggling to gain and retain customers. By offering products in these versatile, recyclable, and sturdy boxes, you can easily win the trust of your potential customers. It will help you build a recognizable brand identity in no time. 

Contact us today to learn more about kraft packaging solutions for your business. To get in touch with us, shoot us an email or call to talk directly to our packaging experts!

Frequently Asked Questions 

What makes kraft packaging eco-friendly?

Kraft packaging is eco-friendly due to its composition of natural materials such as wood fibers and recyclable paperboard. Additionally, the manufacturing process minimizes pollution and utilizes compostable materials.

Can kraft packaging be customized to suit specific branding needs?

Kraft packaging offers versatile customization options, allowing you to add branding elements such as logos, taglines, and artwork.

What industries can benefit most from using kraft packaging?

Industries such as food and beverage, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, furniture, and electronics can benefit significantly.

Can kraft packaging withstand various shipping and handling conditions?

Yes, kraft packaging is known for its strength and durability. This makes it suitable for withstanding various shipping and handling conditions.

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