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Where to Buy Shipping Boxes: Exploring the 5 Best Sources

 2023-07-25 07:35:03

Where to Buy Shipping Boxes

Shipping boxes are an essential part of any business. Whether sending out orders or shipping products, you must ensure your packages arrive safely and intact. For e-commerce businesses specifically, suitable packaging and shipping options are essential. But the question is, where do I buy shipping boxes? 

Companies that have a small inventory may find shipping boxes costly. That's why we have rounded up four companies that make high-quality, affordable shipping boxes for businesses at all stages of growth. 

Let's explore these sources and discover where you can find the perfect packaging for your shipping needs. 

Where to Buy Shipping Boxes: 

When purchasing shipping boxes for your ecommerce business, finding a reliable supplier that offers a wide range of options is essential. 

But the primary factor is where to buy shipping boxes for your business. How can you find a trustworthy manufacturer? 

Don't worry; below, we have discussed the top 5 manufacturers that provide the best shipping boxes in the United States: 


Who doesn't know Amazon? It is a popular and convenient option for purchasing shipping boxes due to several factors that make it one of the best suppliers in the market:

Extensive Selection:

Amazon is one of the largest marketplaces and offers a large variety of shipping boxes. They provide shipping boxes in various shapes, sizes, and materials. Their extensive range of stock boxes allows companies to find suitable boxes for their shipping needs. 

Competitive Pricing:
Amazon often provides competitive pricing for shipping boxes. It allows businesses to find affordable options. Multiple sellers are available on this platform with different price ranges. You can pick the option that best fits your budget. 

Customer Reviews and Ratings: 
Amazon's unbeatable review system is one of its key strengths. Customers can leave feedback and ratings on the products they purchase, including shipping boxes. This feature allows customers to read reviews from other buyers. Moreover, this ultimately helps businesses make an informed decision about the quality of the boxes before making a purchase.


Walmart is one of the best product packaging companies. But it is not the best supplier for shipping boxes compared to online marketplaces like Amazon.

However, here are a few reasons why some businesses might find Walmart a suitable option for purchasing shipping boxes:

Physical Store Presence: 
Walmart has a vast network of physical stores across the United States. Which makes it easily accessible to many customers. If you prefer to browse and purchase items in person rather than online, visit a nearby Walmart store. This store provides businesses with convenience and immediate access to shipping boxes.

Competitive Pricing: 
Walmart is known for its competitive pricing strategy. This company offers affordable options across various product categories. Their range of shipping boxes is not as extensive as Amazon’s. However, it is still convenient for businesses looking for cost-effective shipping boxes. 

Bulk Packaging: 
Walmart sells shipping boxes in bulk quantities. It is beneficial if you require many packages for your shipping needs. In addition, Buying in bulk can save you money and ensure a sufficient supply of boxes.


FedEx is a global shipping box provider with headquarters in the United States. It ranks among the biggest shipping firms in the world. 

The following are some compelling justifications in favor of purchasing your shipping boxes from FedEx

Reliable Global Shipping: 
FedEx provides trustworthy international shipping services. You can rely on this company as a credible logistic partner. They provide safe delivery of custom packaging orders to numerous locations worldwide. 

We hope you are finding this guide helpful in deciding where to buy shipping boxes. 

Advanced Tracking Tools
FedEx introduces its customers to the latest tracking tools. These tools allow businesses to monitor the progress of their packages. 

Exceptional Customer Service: 
FedEx provides exceptional customer service. Businesses can contact their support team at any time for assistance.

OXO Packaging

OXO Packaging is the best place to buy shipping boxes from the above list of shipping box suppliers. We offer all types of shipping boxes, including generic brown corrugated cardboard, premium fiberboard and custom packaging boxes

The best part? You can order online or over the phone without a minimum purchase. And if you need help choosing the right size or shape, we also offer free consultations!

See below what other perks you enjoy when you do business with us!

Leading the Pack
OXO Packaging is a reputable company with years of experience. We have established our company as a leader in the custom shipping box market. 

We provide a wide range of shipping box services, including  

  • design consultation
  • material selection
  • and efficient manufacturing. 

We have expertise in creating custom shipping boxes that protect the product during the storage and shipping processes. 

Delivering Excellence
We are proud of our commitment to providing excellence. Our expert team collaborates closely with our clients. We listen to your shipping needs and provide the best custom shipping boxes with logo. Our focus is always on delivering the highest quality shipping boxes.  

Innovation and Adaptability
Innovation and adaptability are the driving forces behind our success. We stay ahead of the competition by using the following: 

  • Latest trends for shipping box designs 
  • Constant usage of premium materials
  • and state-of-the-art technologies 

This allows us to provide our clients with premium shipping packaging solutions that reflect the latest market demands.

Customization at Its Best
When it comes to customization, OXO Packaging stands out from the crowd. Other companies provide stock boxes for shipping needs, but OXO Packaging offers a high-end customization facility. 

Every client has different needs and preferences, and we are aware of this. And that is why we offer a wide array of customization options. From size and shape to printing and finishing techniques, they ensure that every package is perfectly tailored.

The Bottom Line

We hope you have made up your mind about where to buy shipping boxes for your needs. When shipping valuable items, finding the best shipping boxes is crucial. Amazon, Walmart, FedEx, and OXO Packaging are the top suppliers of shipping boxes in the United States. You can explore their websites individually to discover more about their services.

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