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Custom CBD Lollipop Boxes

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Custom Cannabis Boxes

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Custom CBD Tincture Boxes

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Cannabis Tinctures Packaging Boxes

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Wholesale Marijuana Boxes

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Custom CBD Boxes

We facilitate your business by bringing you innovative printed boxes with extraordinary design printing.

Enticing and Branding Friendly Custom CBD Packaging Boxes for Your Business

Branding these days is considered as bread and butter for all the businesses out there. But companies are becoming more conscious about the right branding weapons out there other than TV, media, and influencers. Such branding strategies are incomplete without the Custom CBD Packaging Boxes that provide a reliable solution for showcasing products and attracting customers in the long run.

OXO Packaging provides reliable solutions in the form of custom printed CBD packaging boxes which are made out of Kraft and cardstock materials also with the style of window die cut CBD-Boxes. Besides these raw materials, our boxes are also resistant to external environmental and shipping pressures that keep the product entirely intact.

Versatile Use of Custom Printed CBD Boxes

The world is rushing towards innovation that is mainly oriented around technology. Gone are those days when a conventional box was used for all the purposes no matter whether it’s a grocery product or bakery one. However, OXO Packaging provides all-encompassing solutions for a variety of products in the form of customised boxes.

The CBD-based boxes we manufacture provide perfect and secure solutions for a variety of products.

  • Custom CBD Lollipop Boxes are reliable display boxes to lure customers towards your brand.
  • Don’t miss our custom printed CBD oil boxes and pop vape boxes on which you can craft your branding slogan by using effective 3D printing technology.
  • The cannabis cigarette boxes we provide are unique in their texture. They are finished through high-quality lamination and customer-friendly foiling.
  • We craft our printing techniques on wholesale marijuana boxes and cannabis counter display boxes that can be used to enclose cannabis products and attract customers to your counter.

The Core Features of Our Custom CBD Wholesale Boxes

It is noteworthy to mention that OXO Packaging manufactures highly personalised CBD wrap-ups. You can distinguish our highly standardised packaging boxes from conventional ones based on the following characteristics.

Free Design

Since designing is the most critical step of customization therefore we provide free design assistance if you are planning to purchase our CBD-based Boxes. Most of the time businesses are confused about the right branding and design ideas for their product packaging and OXO Packaging strongly cares for our clients, therefore, you will get free design ideas from our experts at any stage of the packaging development process.

Perfect Lamination for Outshining the Product

All of our Custom CBD Boxes are laminated with glossy and matte. You can choose to select both, one, or none based on your product’s requirements. Matte lamination provides a velvety texture to the box’s surface while through gloss you can increase the shine of your box and make it appealing in the eyes of customers.

Logo Branding is Equally Important

By using our Custom CBD Printed Boxes you can print your logo and branding slogan at the front of the box and make it outshine. The materials that we use while manufacturing these boxes are strong and their texture will not change even if you do maximum printed and artistic incorporation on them.

Right Colours at the Right Time

Colours Speak. Since we provide highly customised boxes it provides you with a great opportunity to craft a rainbow of colours on them and make them outshine. You can choose to be funky, minimalistic, or extravagant based on the product you are putting on these boxes and for sure they will glorify your business.

Sustainability: Our Core Vision

OXO Packaging strongly adheres to sustainable development goals. We use eco-friendly raw materials that leave no impact on the environment once you discharge these boxes. They are entirely recyclable therefore pose no harm to the environment by all means.

Don’t Miss Our Wholesale Deals

Right now there are plenty of CBD packaging boxes wholesale deals ongoing on our products. You can avail such deals and save yourself plenty of money as the price per piece reduces when you purchase the product in bulk. Therefore now is the right time for making a decision.

Get a Quote

Feel free to leave your queries related to custom printed CBD boxes by contacting OXO Packaging at or call us at (510) 500 9533. Our customer support team will respond to your queries in no time and will make sure that your desired product reaches your doorstep promptly.

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