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Get Amazingly Crafted Custom Window Boxes from OXO Packaging

A window box is a unique packaging product. It has filled major gaps in product presentation therefore a lot of products rely on window style boxes for their perfect presentation. Since the industrial revolution, the packaging industry has also changed a lot. The major change is the change of perception. The way modern people perceive packaging is not the same compared to the old perceptions. Today, the packaging of products is considered more like a branding tool. Companies believe that just like social media and TV, custom packaging is equally important for promotion. This is true especially when we talk about custom window boxes. But to explain it further, let us first discuss what a window box is. 

In a general context, window packaging boxes are those boxes through which customers can see the encased product directly. They don’t need to open the box. In fact, the see-through transparent sheet at the front is enough to provide them with a clear view of the product. There are various designs and styles of these boxes. Some vertical boxes for vapes contain a window but with a small diameter. While the boxes for cakes and soaps contain a see-through area of high diameter. OXO Packaging manufacturers demand custom printed window boxes that meet all your branding needs. There truly is no better option other than these boxes for achieving higher levels of customer satisfaction.

Custom Window Boxes in Various Designs

Designs in Custom Product Packaging are the most essential element that makes it interesting. Customers don’t like standard packaging styles. They want creativity. They expect from window boxes something unique and holistic. Therefore, the best method to make customers fall in love with your product is through the packaging. Whether it is a grocery product, bakery, cosmetic, or fast food one, window packaging style is exceptionally successful.

For example, OXO Packaging provides custom window hair extension boxes that are usually vertical in shape and style. The see-through window in these boxes is small. However, it is perfect for giving ladies a perfect sneak peek of the hair color and length. Therefore it is ideal by all means. Similarly, if we jump to the daily life products we have various options in hand. Our window soapboxes are also reliable for long-term branding. Moreover, the sleeve element when combined with the window outlook magnifies the beauty of the product tenfold. Therefore, it is the core vision of OXO Packaging that we provide countless unboxing styles and designs to customers at their fingertips.

Why Choose OXO Packaging?

Since you are here let us discuss some genuine concerns first. Why choose us? What is so special about our packaging services that make them worth demanding? Well firstly, we believe in creative explorations. Instead of sticking to old conventional packaging styles, we believe in taking a step ahead. We believe in leading. The raw materials that we use for making Custom Printed Window Boxes are unique and rare. Moreover, our simplistic yet remarkably creative process is wholesome.

We Use Sturdy Raw Materials

When it comes to the quality of packaging material there is no compromise on the raw material. Using plastic and polythene-based materials is yesterday’s discussion now. The world is shifting towards eco-friendly packaging systems and so does OXO Packaging. We use Kraft paper and rigid cardboard stock to make these window packaging boxes. Since these boxes are fancy, their raw material quality is expected to be higher. It is because fancy products need more protection. Therefore, we use corrugated cardboard paper and apply proper lamination and embossing on our Custom Printed Packaging boxes.   

We Help Customers in Decision Making

In the modern cosmopolitan world choosing the right product is challenging. Sometimes the product is not there and sometimes the presentation makes you feel bad. But with the window Packaging Boxes, the decision-making process is quite easy. We make these boxes in such a fine way, that the proper visibility of the encased product is ensured. If you place a product inside these boxes and come close to them, the level of visibility from outside will be maximum. In this way, customers can quickly decide whether to buy the specific cake or hair extension or not without even opening the box at all.

We Help Companies in Branding

Branding is an integral part of every business without which it is impossible to survive. In the modern competitive world, staying in the limelight is not easy. You need perfection. You need to provide quality as there is no room for pit holes. Therefore, OXO Packaging provides companies with amazing branding opportunities through window boxes wholesale. All you need is some amazing designs, and logo customization and your product will outshine in the market. We also provide extraordinary lamination and embossing. Both these printing techniques are exceptional by all means. They help in customer attraction, make your logo prominent and help you to build a positive impression on customers.

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