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The Importance of UV Coating in Printing and its Drawbacks 

 2022-04-29 10:41:24

The Importance of UV Coating in Printing and its Drawbacks 

A UV-coating is a transparent liquid film applied on the surface of a packaging material using Ultraviolet light. UV coating is different from lamination. Even though it provides a more excellent gloss-like texture to the packaging surface, it is still different from gloss or matte lamination. These lamination types contain a plastic film coated on the packaging surfaces, and this plastic film then gives off the shine and velvet-like texture to the surface. However, the UV coating is different from lamination as it mainly gives a gloss-like texture and relies on ultraviolet light for its proper processing.

Different Between UV Coating and Lamination

Both the lamination and UV coating are commonly applied on the surface of the packaging material. The Custom Jewelry Boxes and rigid boxes for necklaces have the utmost finishing of lamination. On the other hand, UV coating is applied on the surfaces of printed papers, business cards, and presentation folders, which magnifies the paper's shine. This coating hardens the paper's surface; therefore, it also protects the surface from unwanted harm, which I will discuss later.


The durability of lamination is much higher than the UV coating. For the packaging of products that require long-term handlings, such as book items and packaging surfaces, lamination is much more durable and demanding. On the other hand, UV Coating also provides several benefits in terms of protection but at moderate levels. Moreover, it is cost-effective and is perfect for the liquid coating of brochures, business cards, and packaging products.

Benefits of UV Coating

Compared with varnish and aqueous coating, the UV coating has several key benefits. These benefits are as follows.

  • UV coating is Solvent Free. The coating does not emit any concentration of volatile organic compounds and is therefore pollution-free.
  • All the paper, cardboard, and Kraft types that contain UV coating are Eco-friendly. This coating does not contain any inks, solute, or solvents and is therefore environmentally friendly.
  • For Logos and details Offset Printing, UV coating is the perfect option. This is because UV printing makes the information on the packaging surface stand out. UV coating also magnifies the tiny details and pops them out. Therefore, UV coating is the proper companion if someone is interested in logo branding on custom packaging.
  • UV coating, when applied on deep, rich shades like blues and blacks, the ultimate texture of the surface is wet-like. This may be successful with image-heavy projects like product catalogs or photography brochures.
  • It is also famous for specific designs and items because of the Dazzling Sheen and Luxurious Shine it produces.
  • A UV coating in itself is an Indication of high-end goods and services. You're a high-end brand if you apply UV coating on the products because it influences customers.
  • When you print superior marketing materials with UV coating, it gives the idea that your business is booming – and if it is, you most likely have a long list of delighted customers. Therefore, people will be more willing to conduct business with you.

Limitations of UV Coating

  • The curling of thin pieces of paper is a real issue when UV coating is applied to it. Even though it dries within a few minutes, the aesthetic elements of the packaging surface are still compromised.
  • Since UV coating provides a shine, glossy, and smooth tone to the surface, there are fewer options for printing information and text on such a surface.
  • Sometimes, the UV coating cracks when the paper is folded extensively. The UV rays are well known for their potential cracking defects.
  • Writing through ink on UV-coated surfaces is highly difficult. Similarly, rubber stamping is also impossible on such surfaces, yet you can foil stamp first and coat UV later.

Learn More about UV coating

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