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Custom White Pillow Boxes

Custom White Pillow Boxes

If your product packaging doesn't stand out on the shelf and isn't appealing to the eye, it won't sell — plain and simple. Every business needs packaging to send out its product to customers, but not every business gives much thought to what that packaging looks like or how it can enhance its brand. Suppose you want your product or service to stand out amongst the competition. In that case, you need attractive and unique packaging that helps set you apart in the marketplace and gets the attention of the people who will buy from you instead of your competitors. White pillow boxes are an excellent way to do just that! At OXO Packaging, we're here to take care of every last detail for you. We've been doing this for so long that there isn't anything out there we haven't seen before. Rest assured, knowing that no matter what needs you might have - or what kind of situation you're in - at least one of our experts will be able to help!


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Incredible Pillow Boxes!

To add soft-touch and beauty to pillow boxes, luxury add-ons and lamination are used. Matte lamination provides a natural and sophisticated look to boxes. On the other hand, the gloss gives boxes a glossy appearance. Spot UV quoting is used to highlight the crucial part of printing.

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What We Give
Create Custom Boxes Quick and Easy

Get your custom boxes made in the required size, shape, and style.


Upload your artwork and get it superbly printed the way you want.

Get it done

Order any quantity, enjoy a wholesale price, pay no extra for die plates.

customized white pillow boxes
Product Specification

Box Style

Pillow Boxes

Dimension (L + W + H)

All Custom Sizes & Shapes


No Minimum Order Required


100lb C1S / C2S, 120lb C1S / C2S, 200lb C1S / C2S, Kraft Card Stock (80lb, & 100lb), Corrugated Stock


No Printing, CMYK, CMYK + 1 PMS color, CMYK + 2 PMS colors


Gloss Lamination, Matte Lamination, Gloss AQ, Gloss UV, Matte UV, Spot UV, Embossing, Foiling

Included Options

Die Cutting, Gluing, Scored,Perforation

Additional Options

Eco-Friendly, Recycled Boxes, Biodegradable


Flat View, 3D Mock-up, Physical Sampling (On request)


4 - 8 Business Days, RUSH



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customized white pillow packaging
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Stock Type & Thickness
We use cardboard material with the least environmental impact and minimizes waste generation.
Kraft paper is a strong, durable and reliable material that is widely used across many different industries.
Rigid is highly protective, affordable and recyclable material. These boxes provide maximum protection.
Corrugated material is easy to customize, cost effective and sustainable. It is also great for branding purposes.
Finishing Assortment
Foil Stamping
Decorate a wide range of your product packaging with our foil stamping.
Spot UV
Our high-gloss UV coating gives light and shine to cure the printed material's varnish.
Our glossy finishing gives your packaging an extra layer of shine.
Holographic Foiling
Holographic foil diffracts light and reveals the colors of the rainbow at various angles.
With our embossing technique, we transfer the finest details of your product on packaging.
We use debossing technique to add unique graphics into your packaging.
With our matte finish, fingerprints and smudges will now be less visible on the packaging.
Soft Touch Lamination
We add additional layer of protection with soft touch lamination from toner chipping.

The Power of White Pillow Boxes for Your Business

Some people think that the color of your packaging doesn't make much difference, but studies have shown that it does! When you choose white as your packaging color instead of darker shades, you can increase sales in your eCommerce store or boost interest in your brick-and-mortar location!

The power of pillow boxes and their importance in your business can't be overlooked. While it might be tempting to go the less expensive route and use Brown Kraft Boxes instead, there are many great reasons why you should stick with white. White pillow boxes wholesale are a great option when you want your products to appear clean and professional.

White pillow boxes wholesale are incredibly versatile, and businesses worldwide use them to package their products, transport products, advertise new products, and even brand their own business' identity through customization. This helps set the tone of quality in your retail store, or it can help assure your customers that they're receiving their purchases in the same state as you received them from your supplier.

Custom White Pillow Boxes Make a Great First Impression

Pillow boxes are great for making a first impression. The sleek, clean look is ideal if you're looking to give your company a professional appearance. In addition, the size and shape make them perfect for holding your product with room to spare! But our favorite thing about these boxes is their ability to blend in with any environment.

They'll look great on an office desk or display at a tradeshow booth! And when it comes time to ship your products, they provide a protective layer between what's inside and outside of the box - which means less potential damage during shipping. For all these reasons, white pillow boxes wholesale are often a go-to choice for many business owners.

  • White Pillow Boxes Are Versatile

White pillow boxes are a versatile packaging option that can package many different products. They're typically sturdy enough to hold heavier items and work well as packaging for pillows and other soft goods. Pillow boxes also look great when paired with colorful ribbons or labels, creating a stylish finished product. Various colors on the ribbon or labels allow you to create even more customization options! White is always in style, making it an easy choice for any business.

  • White Pillow Boxes Show That You Care About Your Product

Customers want to know that you care about your product and that it has been handled with care. One way to ensure customers know that your products have been handled carefully is by using Pillow boxes. These boxes are designed to hold the product securely in place and allow you to add branding so that customers can see it from a distance.

Plus, putting them on display in the store will stand out among the other packaging options. This will help give your brand an edge and make customers trust you more because they'll feel confident that their purchase will be secure in a white pillow box. These boxes are an excellent choice for any business looking to improve shoppers' perception of their products.

  • White Pillow Boxes Are Eco-Friendly

In today's world, many people want a sustainable lifestyle and to live as green as possible. A great way to do this is to find products that help you go green when shopping. For example, one way to shop more eco-friendly is by finding pillow boxes for your business. By choosing custom white pillow boxes, you can help reduce the amount of paper waste from packaging like brown paper bags or colored Cardboard Boxes.

Not only will this help with the environment, but it will also save you money on paper costs because the cost per box is cheaper. Plus, you can use them in many different ways: As a storage option for shipping items, packing material to cushion fragile items, or even wrapping your gifts in them!

Where To Get Pillow Boxes for My Business?

OXO Packaging provides a wide range of customized packaging solutions. So whether you want to stand out from the rest with one of our distinctive cigarette boxes or come up with a more conventional set of boxes, we will meet your requirements -especially for those related to medicinal marijuana. They ensure the appropriate regulations are met while considering your specific wants and needs, including your design specifications and other preferences.

Upon receiving your order, we will take care to include every desired feature—including windows and child-resistant features that may help you avoid harmful shipping costs. In addition, we're here for you if you need us to perforate, emboss, or deboss your product. As a result of these custom White Pillow Boxes, you can make an essential difference in the industry and stand out among competitors who aren't using them. So, what are you waiting for? Don't hesitate to contact us if you have more questions or want to buy.

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